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Harley Tomlinson

You might even locate a tooth Lying on a lawn at home! You should brush your teeth at least two times daily and floss at least one period daily.

harley, tomlinson, might, even, locate, #tooth, lying, lawn, home!, should, brush, your, teeth, least, times, daily, floss, period

Zoe Stewart

When lightening your tooth, you'll find that you obtain the best results in case your the teeth are discoloring.

stewart, when, lightening, your, #tooth, you'll, find, that, obtain, best, results, case, teeth, discoloring

Nathan Bryant

Periodontal illness, additionally known as gingivitis, is a serious condition that will normally result in tooth loss.

nathan, bryant, periodontal, illness, additionally, known, gingivitis, serious, condition, that, will, normally, result, #tooth, loss

Morgan Hill

It is a real problem. It's a significant reason for tooth loss and it might spread rapidly and affect all your teeth.

morgan, hill, real, problem, it's, significant, reason, #tooth, loss, might, spread, rapidly, affect, your, teeth

Georgia Lamberte

You Could Even Find a tooth Lying on the ground at home! You need to brush your teeth at least twice each day and floss at least one time daily.

georgia, lamberte, could, even, find, #tooth, lying, ground, home!, need, brush, your, teeth, least, twice, each, floss, time, daily

Eve Sinclair

Periodontitis, also called pyorrhea, is quite a severe inflammation that affects the gums and other devices behind the tooth.

sinclair, periodontitis, also, called, pyorrhea, quite, severe, inflammation, that, affects, gums, other, devices, behind, #tooth

Lost in Time

Welcome to Lost in Time! Basically this site is about animals from the past to the present, as in example. A Saber Tooth tiger, and a regualr tiger. This is a 2-D site so have fun and explore Lost in

lost, time, welcome, time!, basically, this, site, about, animals, from, past, present, example, saber, #tooth, tiger, regualr

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