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Rhode Island by Night

A new take on the old World of Darkness (oWoD), this is a play by post Vampire and Werewolf game.

#vampire, night, werewolf, play, post, owod, forum, game, rhode, island, garou, sabbat, camarilla

VTMB: Camarilla Edition Official Forum

Free forum : This is the official forum for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Camarilla Edition Overhaul Expansion. Use this forum to discuss bugs, ideas, or general chat about this unique expansion.

free, vtmb:, camarilla, edition, official, forum, this, #vampire, masquerade, bloodlines, overhaul, expansion, discuss

Free forum : Secret Of The Heart

Free forum : Its a forum dedicated to the Zero/Yuki fc It will be all about the relation between Zero and Yuki There friendship there past and future and of course about vampires

free, secret, heart

Free forum : Dracula, Van Helsing Cross Over

Free forum : Dracula, Van Helsing Cross over! Come be a Vampire, Werewolf, or just a Regular Person.

free, dracula, helsing, cross, over

Minecraft forums

Want help with Minecraft? Have some bugs? Want to mod Minecraft, or want skins? You've come to the right place!

free, minecraft, forums, want, help, with, minecraft?, have, some, bugs?, skins?, you've, come, right, place!

Hokkaido Academy: School for the Elite.

Hokkaido Academy is a text based, RPG forum including living the life of no regular student. You are able to choose from being a Vampire to a Demon. Which side will you choose?

hokkaido, academy, roleplay, japan, school, elite, #vampire, werewolf, werewolve, text, based, roleplaying, forum, field, trip, events, creature, hunter, halfbreed, demon, dead, huma

Free forum : House Melhaven

Free forum : Vampires and other such beings dwell within. Care to take the first step?

free, house, melhaven

Free forum : Ultra Violet

Free forum : Techno Vampires. What more do you want?

free, ultra, violet

Life Serial : The Buffy and Angel series forum.

Free forum : Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series.

free, life, serial, buffy, angel, series, forum.

House Nightshade & The Order Of Sacred Night

House Nightshade is a spiritual vampyre house and organizational social network for the advanced vampire/vampyre. This is not a rpg forum, please no rpg.

house, vampires, vampyres, psychic, energy, prana, pranic, blood, magick, astral, travel, manipulation, reiki, yara, nightshade, occultic, vampyre, community

Vampires and other nightmares

Vampires and lore. Vampires and other nightmares. Free forum vampires vampire vampire chronicles anne rice

free, vampires, #vampire, chronicles, anne, rice

Free forum : The Blood Coven

Free forum : A coven, for vampires, werewolfs, wizards, dragon, were-dragons, necromancers, and more!

free, blood, coven

Beasts of Burden RPG

Vampire Knight

students, night, yuuki, cross, #vampire, knight

Ezcool Entertainment

The forum for Ezcool Entertainment games! - Join the community report bugs talk about game mechanics, have fun!

ezcool, entertainment, games!, join, community, report, #bugs, talk, about, game, mechanics, have, fun!


This is a RPG forum based around the VTM world. Come look enjoy.

atrasanctum, #vampire, game, based, around, world, come, look, enjoy

Club Addicted Forums

The Forums for #Club_Addicted on IRC's Sorcery Server

club, addicted, forums, world, darkness, sorcery, network, mirc, #vampire, masquerade, werewolf, mage, white, wolf

Vampire Hearts Runescape Clan

Vampire Hearts Runescape Clan. Vampire Hearts Runescape Clan

#vampire, runescape, hearts, clan

Anime Chill

Come Hang Out With An Active Community and Talk About Anything and Everything Anime, The World Is In Your Hands.

free, anime, chill, come, hang, with, active, community, talk, about, anything, everything, world, your, hands, naruto, shippuden, bleach, death, note, #vampire, knight, code, geass, katekyo

Free forum : We play your way

Free forum : We play your way. Free forum : We play your way

free, role, playing, game, roleplaying, form, city, kingdom, latin, humans, human, were, werewolf, #vampire, vampyre, mage, magic

Free forum : WoD Sanfield Rock

Free forum : Welcome to the WoD based RP in Sanfield Rock, GA. We are currently accepting characters for Both Mage and Vampire venues, just contact RadiationJunkie. Also check out our game site at: ht

free, sanfield, rock

Free forum : Vegas Vampires

Free forum : A VtM based FFRP based in Las Vegas. Free forum : Vegas Vampires

free, vegas, vampires

Vampire Ran Online EPX

Free forum : Welcome to Vampire Ran Online

free, #vampire, online, welcome


Free forum : Welcome to OutRageousMS Forums~ You can look here for updates and news of the server, post bugs and problems, post a ban appeal, or a GM Application. Thanks for joining OutRageousMS

free, ~outrageousms~

Moon's Blood

Free forum : A world where destinies collide. Choose your fate as a vampire, werewolf, human, or a half breed. It's your choice.

free, moon's, blood, world, where, destinies, collide, choose, your, fate, #vampire, werewolf, human, half, breed, it's, choice

Free forum : Demonic-Clash

Free forum : An RPG based on the Darren Shan series, both Lord Loss, and Cirque du Freak. Role-play as ether a vampire, vampanize, demon of some sort or hunter to win the long fought battle.

free, demonic-clash

Vampire Knight: La Sangre Rosa

Vampire Knight RPG forum Canon/OCsNo Mary Sues and Guest PLEASE! Register.

#vampire, knight:, sangre, rosa, knight, canon/ocsno, mary, sues, guest, please!, register

Vampire Knight RolePLay

A Vampire Knight/Guilty Roleplay

#vampire, knight, roleplay, knight/guilty

Free forum : Bloodthirsty

Free forum : Bloodthirsty is a clubhouse in downtown LA that provides a safe haven for vampires and their exclusives. This clubhouse not only has apartments for the vamp, exclusive, or both, but also

house, free, bloodthirsty

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